zarda recipe or meethe chawal with video and a small bit at a time photos – these meethe chawal or zarda pulao may be a fragrant sweet pulao made with rice, dry verdant nourishments. the standard zarda pulao features a yellow concealing within the cooked rice grains. this concealing is got by using yellow sustenance concealing. during this recipe, I even have used saffron to urge yellow concealing and not used any fake tints. zarda pulao is implied because the word ‘zard’ implies ‘yellow concealing’ in persian and urdu language.


zarda rice is formed during happy occasions in our home. this is often my relative recipe and this point once we made zarda rice, we accepting video and pics also. the procedure shared here is simple and not problematic. two even more sweet rice anticipates blog are:

there are various assortments of creating zarda pulao made in india similarly as in neighboring countries like bangladesh and pakistan. what i’m sharing here is that the methods by which we make zarda reception and it’s going to not slot in the substantial equation tag.

this zarda equation gives a really delicious sweet pulao and can be valued by the 2 grown-ups and kids . there are diverse dry nourishments developed ranging from the earliest stage you’ll incorporate the pulao. I even have used a mixture of cashews, almonds and pistachios. raisins also are included. so remember raisins for the remote possibility that you simply have them. I did not have raisins, subsequently could exclude them.

serve zarda rice as a sweet goody or a cake. the equation are often duplicated or essentially expanded.

Bit by bit guidelines to form ZARDA RECIPE

512px-shahi_zardapressure cooking rice

1. flush ½ cup basmati rice alright in water till the water flees from starch. by then soak basmati rice for half-hour in enough water. following half-hour channel all the water and keep rice aside.

2. during a 2 liter weight cooker, pour 1 cup water.

3. incorporate ⅛ teaspoon saffron strands ( 3 to 4 crushes kesar).

4. with a spoon blend, therefore the saffron strands mix in with water.

5. by then incorporate ½ cup of rice.

6. add 5 to six cloves. you’ll even include 7 to 9 cloves the remote possibility that you simply need.

7. pressure cook for two whistles or for around 6 to 7 minutes on medium fire.


Zarda like Shahi Tukda began from the Mughal India period. The name Zarda is gotten from the Persian word zard which really infers yellow. it’s furthermore said to be Mughal Emperor Shahjahan’s favored dish and was regularly made on his sales.

To be totally candid, I never favored Zarda as a teenager . In other words, truly who needs sweet rice. I mean it just sounds bizarre as a teenager , isn’t that so? Regardless, by then, there are such countless things i would not contact as a teenager that i really like now (multi year old would never anytime taste karelay). In any case, check out me by and by, treasuring Zarda and karelay. Omg, is that the world fulfillment?


It’s optimal to use Sella basmati rice, anyway i exploit standard long grain basmati rice and it works wonderfully well during this recipe. In any case, if you are doing have sella rice, by then put everything on hold when making Zarda.

WHAT quite DRY FRUIT is employed IN ZARDA?

You can essentially remember any kind of dry characteristic item for zarda. i prefer to include raisins, pistachios, almonds and cashew nuts. a few of people moreover incorporate khoya or mawa once the Zarda is cooked which also adds brilliant flavor to the zarda.


Another assortment of Zarda is Muntanjan, which is essentially totally stacked zarda. Lol. It’s made like Zarda anyway instead of using water we in like manner incorporate milk. What’s more, a brief time later you incorporate a good scope of treats, as an example , dry natural item, khoya/mawa, lovely ashrafi, gulab jamun and ras gullas. Yummy yum!


¼ cup ghee/clarified spread

8 cashew/kaju, parts

5 almond/badam, hacked

2 tsp raisins/kishmish

2 tsp dry coconut/kopra

2 units cardamom/elachi

Zarda-e15155831676014 cloves/lavang

1 cup water

¼ tsp saffron/kesar

¼ tsp orange sustenance concealing, optional

½ cup basmati rice, sprinkled half-hour

½ cup sugar


directly off the bat, during a colossal kadai heat 2 tbsp ghee and dish 8 cashew, 5 almond, 2 tsp raisins and a couple of tsp dry coconut.

feast to splendid dull shaded on low fire and keep aside.

in the remainder of the ghee incorporate 2 cases cardamom and 4 cloves.

in like manner incorporate 1 cup water, ¼ tsp saffron and ¼ tsp orange sustenance concealing.

zarda-recipe-new-web-covermix well guaranteeing the concealing is mixed well.

further, incorporate 1 cup drenched basmati rice (30 minutes) and blend well.

spread and cook on medium fire for 10 minutes.

mix delicately, guaranteeing rice is half cooked.

further incorporate ½ cup sugar, 2 tbsp ghee and seared dry characteristic items.

mix delicately guaranteeing sugar condenses.

spread and stew for five minutes.

blend in to stop from devouring.

cook until the rice is cooked completely. also, don’t overcook as rice turns delicate.

finally, serve meethe chawal/zarda pulao hot decorated with hardly any severed nuts.

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