Pakistani Crispy Aloo Samosa Recipe


The most effective method to make Crispy Aloo Samosa



>First massage mixture… in blending bowl include flour, cumin seeds, salt, ghee and work it with water and make a delicate batter… what’s more, give it rest for at any rate 30 minutes.

>For filling, bubble potatoes and coarsely crush them

in a dish, heat oil.

>Include squashed stew pieces, squashed coriander, squashed cumin and turmeric powder… fry it for 2 – 3 minutes… include potatoes… hurl them well… cook for 4 – 5 minutes

>Move the blend in bowl, include hacked coriander and chilies and let the blend cool totally.

>Presently moving part… make little ball out of the mixture… give it oval shape.

>Cut the oval half from the center on a level plane with sharp blade or pizza shaper

Presently, wet the edges with water… also, put a tablespoon brimming with filling down the middle oval

>From the level side beginning making a triangle… turn one side internal…

>Over lap the opposite side…

What’s more, turn the triangle towards roundabout side and press delicately with the wet finger to seal it

>Rehash a similar procedure with rest of the mixture

>At that point, profound fry them in medium hot oil… fry till brilliant and appreciate.



Samosas are a great Pakistani road sustenance but on the other hand are unfathomably mainstream at home. The conventional ones are normally loaded up with sheep mince, however there are numerous veggie lover varieties too.

This formula is for a destroyed chicken, potato and peas filling that is truly light however flavourful simultaneously.

A Simple List of Ingredients:

1. Potatoes

2. Mustard Seeds

3. Onion

4. Vegetable Oil

5. Squashed Ginger

6. Boneless Chicken Pieces

7. Water

8. Peas

9. Red Chili Powder

10. Salt

11. Garam Masala

12. Ground Cumin

13. Ground Coriander

14. Mango Powder

15. Crisp Green Coriander



This is a formula for broiler prepared samosas utilizing filo baked good. Filo cake is accessible from most grocery stores and can be solidified until required.

The samosas have dark onion seeds sprinkled on top. There are numerous excellencies of dark onion seeds. In a Hadith of Bukhari, the Prophet Muhammad (may harmony and favors arrive) stated:

“This dark seed is a recuperating for all sicknesses with the exception of death”.

A Simple List of Ingredients:

1. My Chicken Samosa Filling

2. Filo Pastry Sheets

3. Liquefied Butter

4. Dark Onion Seeds



Samosa Dough:

1: water as required

2: plain flour 21/2 cups

3: ghee 4tbs

4: carom seeds 1tsp

5: salt 1tsp


1: potatoes 5 medium size(peeled, bubbled and squashed)

2: peas 1cup(boiled)

3: salt 1tsp

4: squashed red bean stew 1,1/2 tsp

5: dried mango powder 1,1/2 tsp

6: cumin seeds 1 tsp

7: coriander seeds 1,1/2 tsp(dry meal and smash it)

8: ginger 1inch piece(grated)

9: oil 1tbs


1: in a bowl include flour, ghee, salt and carom seeds blend well and add water gradually to make a hard batter, spread it with a clammy fabric and keep it for 15 minutes.

2: in a container include oil and cumin seeds at that point include the ginger fry ti for a moment, presently include the pureed potatoes, squashed red stew, squashed coriander, mango powder, salt blend well and afterward include the peas blend once more, let it chill off.

3: to make the samosa make equivalent balls(it is up to you how huge you might want to make them).

4: marginally oil the working surface, and roll the mixture elongated and cut it half, at that point wet the edge with water and over lap the two side to seal.

5: place the filling as much as you can imagine, again put so water around the edges, pull the back of the batter and make an overlay and bring it close to the opposite side and seal it (press the edges great)

6: heat the oil in a dish it ought to be medium hot, include the samosa and fry it till brilliant and buoys back to the surface.

7: serve hot and ENJOY!

Instructions to make samosa patti bit by bit

Elements for Samosa Patti (sheet):

>3 Cup Maida

>Salt To taste

>1 Tsp Cumin

>3 Tbsp Cooking Oil

>Elements for Potato Filling

>3 Potatoes (Boiled and Meshed)

>2 Tbsp Cooking Oil

>1 Tbsp Cumin (Crushed)

>Salt To Taste

>1 Tsp Red Chilies Crushed

>½ Tsp Turmeric

>Onion 1 (little)

>2 Tbsp Fresh Coriander

>2 Green Chilies

>½ Chaat Masal

Bearing for Samosa Patti:

>In a bowl, include maida, salt, cumin and cooking oil and blend it well

>Presently ply by including water step by step.

>Batter is prepared

>Presently take a little batter and take off with the moving pin

>Presently cut it from the middle. Samosa patti now prepared.

Heading for Samosa Filling:

In a cooking skillet, include Cooking oil and warmth and include cumin, coriander and meal it

Presently, include cumin red bean stew, turmeric and cook for some time

Presently, include potatoes and blend it well

Presently include green coriander, green chilies, chaat masala and blend it well

Filling is prepared at this point.

Course for Samosa Assembling:

Take a samosa Patti(sheet) and crease it by utilizing water to the corner

Presently fill it with samosa filling and close the edges

Presently profound fry in the hot cooking oil

Your delectable Aloo ka Samosa currently prepared to serve

Samosa Patti Recipe

Samosa Patti Recipe in English is a simple and customary cooking formula to get ready at home. It gives you an amazing taste of Iftar Items.


images (15)


• 500g, plain flour

• 2 to 3 tbsp, Oil (olive Oil, vegetable Oil, Butter, Ghee; it’s your choIce, however I for one use Ghee)

• 1 tsp, Salt

• Water

• RIce flour (for tidying)


• 1/2 tsp, cumin or ajwain seeds – gently toasted in a dry dish

• 1/4 tsp, red Chili powder

Instructions to make Samosa Patti


Filter in the plain flour into a huge bowl. Include the bean stew powder, salt and toasted seeds.

Include the oil a tablespoon at once.

The blend ought to be brittle. Add enough water to unite the blend.

Work until smooth mixture is framed. Spread the bowl with stick film and leave the mixture to rest in the ice chest; a like to leave it medium-term yet a couple of hours should do the trick.

When you’re prepared to utilize the batter:

Gap the blend into equivalent pieces.

Residue your work surface with the rice flour. Take one of the bits of batter and start to work it in your grasp, as you do when you’re making chapatis.

Reveal the chunk of batter into a slender circle.

Cut the hover down the middle, leaving you with two crescents.

Presently, individuals contrast in their techniques for how to make a samosa shell.

You can put a teaspoon or two of your samosa filling in the focal point of the crescent, softly brush the edges with water and cautiously overlay the edges over the filling to frame a triangle. Or on the other hand, you can brush the edges of the batter with water and structure a cone shape in your grasp and stuff with filling from the open edge, fixing it after its stuffed.

Ensure you seal the edges of the samosa appropriately; there is nothing more awful than a samosa that has blasted, with a filling doused in cooking oil!

When you’re prepared to cook, them, just fry them in a skillet until they’re fresh and brilliant dark colored.

I accept that filtering the flour, rolling the baked good out utilizing rice flour and the drawn out chilling time makes for a crispier, flakier samosa baked good. Ensure you appreciate them while they’re hot.

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