Karela masala recipe pakistan


Bit by bit formula of karela masala Pakistani with photographs of each progression.

Karela, harsh gourd,bitter melon or severe squash is an infamous vegetable in axioms and colloquialisms for its unpleasant flavor like ‘karwa karela’, ‘karela si batein’ yet the sharpness effectsly affects wellbeing. Kerela/unpleasant gourd are made simply like different vegetables, try to slice its harshness to an agreeable level. Like it will in any case be marginally harsh yet the unpleasant acrid taste is the delicacy of this vegetable.

This is basic karela formula, karela are still somewhat unpleasant, the onion tomato masala alongside lemon and dark colored sugar push make it unique for a mid year lunch. I’ll before long offer formula of qeema karela too which has a completely superb taste.


A basic however flavorful formula of karela that can eaten with roti or rice and is made in the blink of an eye.

500 gram Bitter gourd ((karela))

4 tablespoon oil (or more)


½ teaspoon cumin seeds ((sabut zeera))

½ teaspoon mustard seed ((kali rai))

½ teaspoon dark seeds ((kalongi))

½ teaspoon fenugreek seeds ((methi dana))

coriander powder ((dhanya powder))

Turmeric powder ((haldi powder))



2 medium onion, slashed ((piyaz))

1 tablespoon green bean stew glue ((choti hari mirch))

½ tablespoon or 3-4 cloves garlic (, slashed)

1 teaspoon ginger glue ((adrak))

2 medium tomatoes (, slashed)



salt (to taste)

3 tablespoon lemon juice (or 1 tablespoon tamarind)

1 teaspoon sugar

crisp coriander ( for topping)

Wash and strip severe gourd, cut down the middle, evacuate fragile living creature and seeds. Cut into thick cuts.

In a bowl take cut severe gourd and include 1 teaspoon salt and 2 tablespoon lemon juice. blend well and leave for at any rate 30 minutes.

In a vessel take oil, heat on low fire and include garlic and fry till light brilliant.

Include dry entire flavors (cumin, fenugreek, mustard, dark seed) first, at that point powder flavors (turmeric and coriander powder), at long last include green bean stew and ginger glue. Saute for 1 moment.

Include hacked onion, saute till onions are translucent.


Include hacked tomatoes spread and cook for 5 minutes on low fire or till tomato are delicate.

While sauce cooks, wash karela cuts in water and press them to diminish harshness.

Include cut karela in sauce and cook for 10 minutes until delicate.

Sautee in high fire for a moment or more and lemon squeeze and dark colored sugar.

Karela masala is prepared, present with kachumber plate of mixed greens, mint raita and roti or rice.


Vegetable are lighter nourishment so I don’t include a great deal of entire flavors (garam masala), only cumin,and rather I use mustard, fenugreek, kalonji to include both taste and medical advantage of these seeds. So they are discretionary fixings.

On the off chance that you press the karela scarcely they will be less unpleasant.

Diabetics patient can drink 2 tablespoon of karela juice that we expel in pressing.

Another strategies for expelling harshness of karela is bubbling them in salty water, and/or broiling karela in oil.

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