How to make peanut butter


To make peanut butter at home just grind it with salt and oil. My younger boy likes it a lot. I, knowing high protein content of peanut butter love to give it to him on paratha, toast, roti. My first batch of Peanut Butter came as I had a pack of fried salted peanuts that no one wanted to eat. I just had to grind them and add sugar and it was ready. And the taste was really good. Then second also came like that too. You can also check recipe of homemade almond butter and peanut chikki with jaggery.

For this recipe I used raw peanuts without shell and skin but you can used roasted and salted too. This will greatly reduce the effort. If using salted then add less or not salt.

Step by step how to make peanut butter

Creamy Brown Peanut Butter

Recipe time:30 minutes | Prep time:15 minutes| Cooking time: 15 minutes |Recipe type: DIY foods, Breakfast 


Roasted peanuts or fried peanuts 2 Cups

Olive Oil 2-3 tbs (not required if peanuts are fried)

Salt to taste ( not required if peanuts are salted)

Sugar/ honey to taste

This time, I went for raw peanuts (without shell and skin) that had to be roasted first.



  1. Break peanuts to open halves.
  2. Roast peanuts in a pot or non-stick pan on medium flame with constant stirring for 10 minutes till they turn shiny and release their natural oil.
  3. Or roast in oven on 350 F for 15-20 minutes. Remember to remove short of doneness as they will continue to cook while cooling too.
  4. Skip this step if your peanuts are already roasted or fried.


  1. Grind peanuts in mixer till it turns into powder. ( 2 minutes)
  2. Grind further and further so powder forms a rough paste. (5 minutes)
  3. Add oil and keep the mixer going with intervals.
  4. Adjust salt and sweetener to your taste.
  5. Add more oil if required.
  6. The more you grind the more creamy it will be.
  7. Peanut butter is ready.It taste better after two three days.

Tip: ( The mixture will quickly turn runny so add oil bit by bit.)


Peanut Butter, grinding process

How to store Homemade Peanut Butter?

Store homemade nut butters in clean jar with tightly covered lid as exposure to oxygen can make it rancid. Always use clean spoon for serving.

Keep all nut butters in fridge, and they are good for more than a month. If you like soft butter, you can store on counter top too for more than a week. If you want to store for longer, you can keep in freezer up-to 3 months.

You can even make a large batch and store in freezer. Just take out a small portion and store in separate jar in fridge.

If oil separates give your butter a whisk

Discard peanut butter if solid part liquefy or smell or taste becomes sour.

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