How to make Beef Haleem

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1 pound meat bones

4 cups water

Meat Mixture

¼ cup nonpartisan enhanced oil

2 huge onions, cut flimsy

2 ½ tablespoons ginger-garlic glue

2 teaspoons red bean stew powder

2 teaspoons ground turmeric

10 entire dark peppercorns

5 entire cloves

2 pieces cinnamon

2 dried straight leaves

Salt, to taste

1 pound boneless meat, diced into little to medium lumps

Lentil Mixture

8 cups water

½ cup broke wheat (gehu), drenched medium-term, and depleted

½ cup grain (jay), drenched medium-term, and depleted

½ cup bengal gram (channa dal), drenched medium-term, and depleted

¼ cup red lentils (masoor dal), drenched medium-term, and depleted

¼ cup split dark gram (urad dal), drenched medium-term, and depleted

¼ cup split mung beans (moong dal), drenched medium-term, and depleted.

1 tablespoon salt

2 teaspoons ground turmeric

2 dried straight leaves

1 tablespoon gram flour

1 tablespoon ground cumin

½ teaspoon nutmeg

½ teaspoon ground mace


¼ cup impartial seasoned oil

1 enormous onion, cut dainty


Singed onions

Ginger, cut into matchsticks

Cilantro, slashed

Green chilies, cut

Crisp lemon or lime juice

Chaat masala


Plan Stock

In an enormous vessel, consolidate bones and water. Spot over high warmth and heat to the point of boiling. Decrease warmth to low, spread, and stew for 60 minutes, skimming off any buildup that buoys to the top. Strain and dispose of bones, while saving the stock. Put in a safe spot.

Get ready Meat Mixture

Warmth oil in an enormous vessel over medium high heat. Include onions and cook until brilliant darker, blending frequently. Include ginger-garlic glue, red stew powder, turmeric, dark pepper, cloves, cinnamon, narrows leaves, salt, and a sprinkle of water. Cook, mixing regularly for 2 minutes. Include meat and 4 cups water and heat to the point of boiling. Lessen warmth to medium low and spread. Cook for 1 ½ to 2 hours, blending discontinuously, until the meat is cooked through and self-destructing.

At the point when the blend has cooled somewhat, expel narrows leaves and shred the meat. Put in a safe spot.

Get ready Lentil Mixture

In a huge vessel, consolidate water, depleted grains and lentils, salt, turmeric, and narrows leaves. Heat to the point of boiling over high heat, at that point decrease to low and cover. Cook until the lentils are delicate, about 60 minutes. Expel from warmth.

Evacuate sound leaves and dispose of. Cautiously beat the blend with a submersion blender or sustenance processor until smooth.

Include arranged stock and meat blend and blend well. If necessary, utilize a drenching blender or sustenance processor to further beat blend.

Over medium low heat, delicately carry the Haleem to a stew. Include water as required (relies upon how thick or dainty the Haleem is. On the off chance that it is excessively thick and adhering to the base of the vessel, include water a piece at once. Remember that Haleem thickens as it cools.).

In a little bowl, whisk together ½ cup water with gram flour, cumin, nutmeg, and mace. Add this blend to the Haleem and cook for 5 minutes. Spread and expel from warmth.

Plan Tempering

Warmth oil in a little skillet over medium high heat. Include onions and cook until brilliant darker, blending frequently. When onions have turned brilliant, cautiously pour the blend over the Haleem and spread.

Serve Haleem with toppings as an afterthought.


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Cut chicken into 12 pieces. Wash 1/2 kg wheat and 1 cup gram lentils with tepid water. Absorb water as required. Presently evacuate additional water of wheat, overflow with new water. Additionally include 1 tbsp oil and blend with a wooden spoon.When it reaches boiling point include a spot of preparing pop.

Independently bubble gram lentils and mix well. In container set up together chicken pieces, 3 slashed

onion, 2 to 3 cups of water, 1 tbsp ginger garlic glue, 1 tbsp stew powder, 1 tsp turmeric, salt to taste, 1 tsp all flavor and 1 cup oil. Cook well till water dries.

Include 1 cup yogurt, fry well. Presently include bubbled wheat with a little water. Cook over low fire. Put dish on a hot frying pan. Stew on low fire. Warmth 2 cup oil in container, include 4 slashed onion and fry till brilliant dark colored, presently evacuate darker onion and spread on a paper. Leave it till fresh.

Pour haleem in a serving bowl, top with cleaved coriander leaves, slashed mint leaves, hacked green chilies, ginger juliennes, simmered ground cumin and all flavor powder. Serve hot

.Haleem Recipe


1) Mixed yellow, green and red daals-1 cup

2) 250 gms wholle wheat or split wheat

3) 750 gms sheep or sheep meat

4) cumin powder 2 tsp

5) red bean stew powder 2 tbsp

6) ginger garlic glue 2 tbsp

7) garam masala powder 1 tsp

8) coriander leaves-a couple

9) mint leaves-a couple

10) cloves-8

11) ccardamoms-8

12) cinamom-6 sticks

13) dark pepper corns 10

14) ccaraway seeds 1tsp

15) narrows leaves a couple

16) green chillies 10-12

17) oil or ghee 5 tbsp

18) onions-500 gms,sliced meagerly

Chicken Haleem formula


This is Chicken Haleem however you can substitute sheep or meat for chicken.

This is likewise called khichra haleem, in light of the fact that you are utilizing number of lentils and grain alongside wheat.

In the event that you need just wheat Haleem here is Mutton Haleem formula yet you can without much of a stretch substitute lamb for chicken.

I utilized chicken with bone on the grounds that the bones give you flavor full ‘Yakhni ‘ Chicken stock. In any case, you can utilize boneless chicken also.

Chicken Haleem is snappy thing and numerous individuals incline toward instant zest blend. So it’s up to you what you incline toward instant flavor blend or hand crafted. I’m sharing a zest blend formula also however you may skip it and utilize instant zest blend, on the off chance that you locate that an issue.

I’m utilizing various heartbeats however you can substitute one heartbeat for other if all heartbeats are not accessible.

Also, grain add tenacity to Haleem so I profoundly suggest including it however on the off chance that you can’t discover it, just include more wheat rather than grain.

One of the most significant hint is wheat ought to be completely cooked before you mix it. What’s more, mix it great or the surface won’t be smooth.

Flavors are significant so include additional red bean stew on the off chance that you like zesty Haleem.

My other Haleem formula

Sheep Haleem


Grains and Lentils

1½ cup entire wheat or broken wheat (300 gram)

½ cup rice

½ cup red lentil (masoor daal)

½ cup yellow lentil (moong dal)

½ cup Bengal gram (channa dal)

½ cup grain (jaav) , discretionary

* You can substitute one lentil for other. You can likewise 1½ cup of any lentil.

2 tablespoon green stew glue

2 tablespoon ginger glue

2 tablespoon garlic glue

6 medium onions , cut

Oil to broil

1200 grams chicken with bones or 1 kg boneless chicken

1½ tablespoon red stew powder or to taste

1 tablespoon turmeric powder

Entire flavors

2 tablespoon coriander seeds

1 tablespoon cumin seed

1 tablespoon caraway seeds

1 tablespoon dark cumin seeds

1 sound leaf

2 inch cinnamon stick

1 dark cardamom

4 green cardamom

4 cloves

1 tablespoon fennel seeds

15 red catch chillies

Salt to taste


½ cup of oil use oil used to broil cut onions

1 tablespoon hacked garlic

1 teaspoon cumin seeds

Handfull of mint leaves hacked


50 gram ginger cut

Mint leaves

Talk masala

Medium estimated green chillies cut


For wheat and lentils

Consolidate all lentils and grains and wash by changing water twice or as required. Douse for 2 hours or ideally medium-term.

Take absorbed lentils and grains a huge overwhelming bottomed pot. Include salt, ginger, garlic and green bean stew glue and water. The degree of water ought to be 2 inch over the grains. Heat lentils to the point of boiling at that point lessen warmth to slow and cover the top firmly Cook for 1½ hour.

At the point when grain are delicate and include 2-3 cups cold water and to carry grains to room temperature at that point mix with inundation blender, until exceptionally smooth. Cook further on moderate warmth and continue blending at interim to abstain from staying from base.

For flavor blend

While grains cook, broil all entire flavor in a dish and ground into fine powder. (Avoid this progression if utilizing instant zest blend.)

Fry cut onion in dish until brilliant. Work in two groups. Spread onions on kitchen towel so it gets fresh.( Skip this progression if utilizing store brought browned onions.)

In another pot take chicken. Include ⅓ cup of outstanding oil from seared onions. Take ½ cup firmly stuffed seared onion and squash it, add to chicken. Additionally include 1 cup water, grounded entire flavors , salt, red stew powder and turmeric. (Try not to include these flavors if utilizing instant zest blend.)

Spread the pot and cook chicken on low heat for 30 minutes or until delicate.

Expel chicken from sauce and let it cool. Expel bones and shred it. Include both sauce and destroyed chicken to lentil and grain pot.


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Expel pot from stove and keep on floor sit beside it. Continue mixing the wheat clock and hostile to clockwise with wooden spoon or ghotna for at any rate 10 minutes until clingy.


Warmth oil in a skillet and fry garlic, cumin seeds and chillies and mint for 1 moment at that point add to Haleem pot. (Take a trial before treating and you may alter zest by adding to the hardening. )

Topping and serve


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