Gulab Jamun with milk powder recipe

gulab jamun equation with a tiny bit at a time photos. there are generally two unique ways gulab jamun is made and this post nuances both the strategies. both the gulab jamun plans are straightforward and even students can make these endeavored and attempted glorious melt in the mouth gulab jamun. you can pick the system depending upon the fixings open in your kitchen.


gulab jamun is a notable indian sweet delivered utilizing milk solids usually. khoya or mawa is the hindi term for disappeared milk solids.


“gulab jamun” means rose berries. in hindi language, “gulab” connotes rose and “jamun” is a darkish purple berry (java plum, dim plum) available in india. the sugar syrup made for gulab jamun is prepared with rose water and the burned blend balls have a size like jamun berries – therefore the term gulab jamun.

gulab jamun is a most adored indian cake for certain individuals. in social events, weddings and even in indian thalis, gulab jamun happens to be one of the treats served after the dinners. these fragile sugar syrup soaked balls are a treat reliably. a portion of an opportunity to satisfy our sweet wants, I make gulab jamun.


gulab jamun is made with mawa or khoya, milk powder, sweet potatoes (vegan decision), paneer, potatoes and bread. regardless, the best genuine taste starts from gulab jamun made with khoya.

this equation post has two assortments of gulab jamun. the first gulab jamun equation is made with khoya and the ensuing recipe is made with milk powder. underneath I have referenced both the plans procedures.


really and usually gulab jamun is continually made with khoya or mawa. khoya is basically dried evaporated milk solids – which is gotten by interminably cooking the milk on a low fire.

you can either make khoya at home or get it from the market. essentially recall that for making the customary variation of gulab jamun – chikna khoya or dhaap khoya is used. in hindi the name “chikna” implies smooth. so thusly dhaap ka khoya is a smooth and sensitive khoya. chikna khoya can be viably made at home. it has more soddenness than the other two arrangements of khoya viz danedar khoya and batti khoya.

this gulab jamun equation I have shared is a basic one that yields heavenly, sensitive and flavorful gulab jamun.

this gulab jamun recipe from my home science notes is endeavored, attempted and has never failed. I have made this gulab jamun recipe customarily. you will require khoya (mawa or dried disappeared milk solids) and paneer to make the jamun. extension of these two fixings causes fragile, to melt in mouth and best gulab jamun.


the gulab jamun recipe made with milk powder is a cheat’s adjustment yet tastes comparatively incredible. this milk powder gulab jamun recipe comes helpful if you don’t have khoya or paneer quickly available at home. all you need is milk powder, curd, sugar and water to make a luscious gulab jamun at home.

this adjustment of gulab jamun made with milk powder is sensitive, disintegrate in the mouth and taste brilliant with a smooth taste.

I have joined the underneath pointers of occasionally offered requests reliant on conversation starters got from the perusers in the comments portion of this gulab jamun equation post.


if there is an abundance of soddenness in the hitter, the jamun will break in oil.

extra warming powder can moreover result in the jamun breaking and disintegrating in oil.

while fricasseeing the temperature should not be exorbitantly high or unreasonably low. a higher or a too low temperature of oil while singing can in like manner break or split the gulab jamun.

in case the coupling fixings like maida or rava (sooji) are less, by then this can in like manner break jamun while singing.

at the point when you incorporate the gulab jamun balls in the oil, by then let them become barely crisp and a short time later simply turn them.

when making jamun blend ball, there should be no parts on it. if you see breaks, by then remember some more milk for the player mix. mix and subsequently structure the jamun again.


in case there is less soddenness in the jamun, it may end up being hard.

the gulab jamun blend must be mixed and not worked. if the blend is handled, by then the gulab jamun will end up being hard. right when you employ the blend, gluten strands will outline which will make the jamun thick and significant. despite whether they are barely thick they won’t hold the syrup and as needs be remain hard. believe it or not while fricasseeing gulab jamun, it should feel like very light springy balls. you will feel the politeness in them.


for the gulab jamun made with milk powder, it is basic to get the right surface in the gulab jamun hitter. if you get it done, by then making this gulab jamun with milk powder is a cakewalk and you won’t have any desire to get them from outside. I have referenced all of the tips and suggestions in the methods which can transform into to some degree unsafe, if not suitably done. so please take as a lot of time as is expected to scrutinize every movement mindfully.


the sugar syrup for gulab jamun ought to have a tenacious consistency. they should not have a watery consistency. in case the sugar syrup is watery, by then the jamun absorbs more sugar syrup realizing it being excessively fragile and can even break in the sugar syrup.


first the oil must be warmed till its medium hot. by then reduce fire to a medium-low or low and keep it together for a minute. by then carefully recognize the gulab jamun player balls in the oil. once the jamun blend balls start to have minor light splendid spots on them, by then keep rotating them with an opened spoon in the oil consistently. thusly the gulab jamun will have an even splendid concealing.

also note that if the oil is on the cooler side, by then the jamun will absorb more oil and can part or break too.

if the oil is hot, by then the gulab jamun will get sautéed quickly with inside bundle being uncooked and rough.

by and large gulab jamun are singed in ghee. you can go the standard path if you require or basically fry them in oil as I have done.


scarcely additional treats plans


kaju katli

mysore pak

7 cup burfi

cham sweet


for gulab jamun

1 cup khoya (mawa or dried disappeared milk solids) OR 200 grams khoya

¾ cup ground paneer OR 100 grams of paneer (curds)

3 tablespoon generally helpful flour

2 tablespoon fine sooji (rava or semolina)

4 green cardamoms – powdered in a mortar-pestle or ½ teaspoon cardamom powder

1 tablespoon drain or incorporate as required

¼ teaspoon warming powder

oil for significant carmelizing the gulab jamun

for sugar syrup

250 grams sugar OR about 1.75 cup sugar

1 cup water

1 tablespoon rose water

1 tablespoon milk (optional) – read notes


making gulab jamun balls

take khoya (mawa or evaporated milk) in a bowl. squash it well in reality. there should be no knocks. you can in like manner work and a short time later smash the khoya.

by then incorporate ground paneer, rava (sooji), by and large valuable flour (maida), warming powder and cardamom powder to the beat khoya. there should be no projections in both the mawa and paneer.

just as they are there, by then you will find the outside of the gulab jamun not too extraordinary. the miscellaneous items of mava or paneer will give a snack in the mouth, when you have the gulab jamun. they won’t be smooth.

mix well. accumulate drain and amass into a solitary unit to shape a player with milk. make an effort not to control.

just gently mix. in case you can’t shape balls or if the mix appears to be dry, by then incorporate several teaspoons of milk. spread the hitter and keep aside for 30 mins.

make little balls from the hitter. spread the balls and keep aside.

making sugar syrup for gulab jamun

separate sugar in water. heat the sugar plan till it become tenacious. you basically need to kill the fire before the syrup lands at a one string consistency.

incorporate rose water and blend. keep the sugar course of action aside. on chilling on the opportunity that the sugar syrup cements, by then basically add 2 to 3 tbsp water and warm the syrup again. it will again return to a liquid state.


singing gulab jamun

at that point, while the sugar syrup is cooking, heat oil till its medium hot. cut down the fire and hold on for a minute. by then gently recognize the gulab jamun in the oil.

at the point when they start to have humble splendid spots, keep turning them in the oil, so that the gulab jamun are similarly carmelized.

remove the gulab jamun and thereafter channel them on kitchen paper towels to clear excess oil.

making gulab jamun

by then spot the hot gulab jamun in the sugar syrup. continue searing the gulab jamun thusly in bunches.

exactly when all the gulab jamun are placed in the sugar syrup, by then keep the whole skillet with the sugar syrup and gulab jamun, on a low fire for 1 to 2 minutes till the jamun become sensitive.

warming urges the gulab jamun to hold the syrup and become sensitive. the jamun increase a piece in size. do whatever it takes not to overcook as then the jamun can break


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