Gajar ka halwa is an Indian Pakistani traditional sweet. during this equation gajar ka halwa is formed with khoya, AKA mawa. Khoya is just solid crumbled milk made by disseminating milk until for all intents and purposes solid. (I used privately procured khoya, in like manner spelt as khoa and khova. you’ll without quite little bit of a stretch catch on from any Indian/Pakistani Sweet shop.)

Gajar infers carrot in Hindi and Urdu, gajar halwa is even more normally portrayed as Indian pudding decorated with nuts advancement dry natural items. you would like fresh carrots, milk, sugar and ghee as essential fixings to form this halwa. just in case you create halwa with milk, the cooking time is long. So to scale back cooking time, I’m using khoya during this equation. Moreover, this is often a comparable technique employed by most business diners. Consequently, this is often also restaurant/sweet shop style halwa.


This halwa may be a winter interests as fresh, sweet and red carrots are ample in winters. The equation of this carrot halwa is incredibly balanced and provides you perfect halwa that’s neither excessively sweet nor dull. This halwa isn’t unreasonably overpowering with ghee and khoya and features a perfect mix. This equation is for 1 kg so you’ll without quite little bit of a stretch twofold or triple the recipe.


The most huge clue for creating best gajar ka halwa is to use red (not orange), succulent and during a perfect world Pakistani carrots. They taste best, give that perfect surface. Along these lines, putting extra effort find right carrots is totally defended, notwithstanding all the problem .


The straight answer is not any considering the way that the carrot halwa is stacked with fats and sugar and that i can’t call that sound. By and by, just in case you differentiate halwa and various treats like toffee or sweet. Plainly, gajar halwa is increasingly worthwhile decision with supplement and minerals from carrots, and nut. Likewise protein from milk.

Carrot halwa in little part is robust for any average individual remarkably creating youngsters. In any case, carrot halwa with characteristic sugar is most exceedingly terrible choice for a diabetic patients.

Genuinely, if you’re really scanning for strong version, i like to recommend you to possess a carrot plate of blended greens in with relatively few nuts. Furthermore, if you sometimes appreciate appetite delights, we should always move to the recipe.


Usually, halwa is served warm, and a substantial number individuals love it warm. Hot gajar halwa are often joined with vanilla solidified yogurt.

I like my halwa to be nicely hot while hubby likes it chilled. Along these lines, it is a huge individual taste tendency.


Halwa in cool spots can stay helpful for up to 48 hours. Guarantee the halwa is kept in cool and particularly ventilated spot.

Various ways to affect store gajar halwa without cooler is canning. you would like to place extra layer of oil/ghee on top halwa within the can to increase time range of simple use of gajar ka halwa. the additional oil are often ousted before warming.


The halwa are often made in colossal group and put aside in cooler for barely any weeks. Without a doubt, this halwa freezes alright for 2-3 months. To warm remember little milk and heat for skillet until hot.


The whole method of halwa making is dreary, I eagerly recommend making an incredible gathering and freezing the surplus in little parts. you’ll make around 2-3 kg halwa in winter and freeze its greater part. I particularly, proposed freezing so you eat halwa in small amounts. I furthermore send some to friends and family.


The pictorial shows formation of two KG carrot halwa. The equation card has recipe of 1 kg halwa so you’ll without a doubt twofold or triple recipe. The cooking time will increase as you twofold the equation so scan for visual indication of each movement.

Stage 1: Wash and strip carrots. To strip scratch the carrots with fringe of edge to get rid of unstable roots and no skin. (No convincing motivation to use a peeler or empty plenty of skin).

Stage 2: Shred carrots. (You can moreover finely cut carrot during a sustenance processor. it’s definitely not a for the foremost part used technique, i do not propose that.)

Stages 3: Heat desi ghee or spread during a wok or thick based skillet and incorporate cardamom powder, provides it a mix .( you’ll use 3-4 whole cardamom anyway pound it to open the unit skin for improved flavors.)

Stage 4: Next, goes in demolished carrots. Spread the pot and cook for 5-10 minutes until fragile.

Stage 5: Color of carrot changes, it’s fragile and diminished in volume.

Stage 6: Add milk and sugar. The sugar will mollify and there’ll be an enormous amount of liquid within the pot. Spread the spread and cook for 15-25 minutes on medium warmth till water dries. Keep blending at between times.

Stage 7: Now, far and away most of the water has dried. you will see some oil detaching now.

Stage 8: At this stage, incorporate portion of broke down khoya and blend well.

Stage 9: Cook (bhunnofy) for 5-7 minutes till oil separates amply. Be mindful after now as halwa can without tons of a stretch get burned within the wake of including khoya. So cook on low warmth or keep a skillet/tawa under your pot. Stay alert!


Stage 10 and 11: during a skillet, dry dish nuts until new.

Stage 12: Add remaining khoya, stewed nuts and sprinkled raisins to the pot. Spread cook for five minutes. Blend circumspectly without over mixing the khoya. (This cooking step will develop some steam (dum) in pot and cook remaining khoya).

You can save a few of nuts and khoya freely to adorn afterward solitary servings.

My Other practically identical plans:

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1.5 kilogram carrots or 9 cups solidly stuffed ground carrots

6 tablespoons ghee or clarified spread

2 cups khoya or mawa – ground or crumbled (scattered milk solids) or 400 to 410 grams of khoya

1 to 1.25 cups sugar or incorporate as needed

8 to 9 green cardamoms, – powdered during a mortar-pestle

1 tablespoon pistachios, cut or divided (optional)

⅓ cup cashews, or incorporate as needed

⅓ cup splendid raisins or incorporate as needed


granulating carrots

directly off the bat flush 1.5 kg carrots. by then strip them.

granulate the stripped carrots with a hand-held grater or a sustenance processor.

place the bottom carrots aside.

making khoya carrot halwa

heat 6 tablespoons ghee during a significant bottomed overpowering holder or kadai.

incorporate the bottom carrots.

mix and blend the carrots alright with the ghee.

on low fire saute the carrots till they turn fragile and are cooked. this method will take around 15 to twenty minutes.

keep mixing every now and again while sauteing the carrots.

at the purpose when the carrots become sensitive and are cooked, by then incorporate 2 cups of broke down or ground khoya (mawa or scattered milk solids).

mix alright . keep mixing for a moment .


next add 1 to 1.25 cups sugar. dependent upon the sweetness within the khoya you’ll for the foremost part adjust the proportion of sugar. every so often the khoya is nice and some of the time not. if the khoya is on the higher side, by then you’ll incorporate around 1 cup of sugar.

mix well generally .

after a brief time the khoya will begin to mellow and sugar will moreover disintegrate and leave water.

by then incorporate ⅓ cup of cashews, ⅓ cup splendid raisins, 1 tablespoon pistachios (sliced or silvered) and cardamom powder.

mix well generally and continue cooking the halwa on a coffee fire blending every now and again. the halwa will start thickening and reducing. blend regularly.

the halwa will thicken and leave the sides of the skillet. that’s the time you turn off the hearth . check the taste and incorporate sugar at whatever point required.

serve khoye wala gajar halwa warm or chilled. you’ll in like manner refrigerate and serve the halwa chilled. while serving, finish with a couple of dry normal items.


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